Alternate Light Source (ALS)


An Alternate Light Source (ALS) is sometimes known as a Forensic Light Source.

This is a system of light designed to strip away the different wavelengths of light from each other and only allow one wave of light to illuminate the object you are looking at. Using viewing filters (goggles) to filter the light being absorbed back into your eyes/camera you can then highlight aspects of the crime scene you want to focus on, which can be very helpful when looking for trace evidence or even the absence of a contaminate. 

The Forensics Inquisitio range of ALS can be purchased as single items or in bulk.allowing you to mix and match the perfect range for your investigations.

Each light is fitted with 14 LED bulbs which will last over 20000 hours and the systems are lightweight with easy power systems allowing full use in any type of scene or laboratory.

The systems are set into the following ranges

White 400 - 700nm

UV 350 - 380nm

Violet 395 - 425nm

Blue 420 - 470nm

Blue/Green 445 - 510nm

Green 480 - 560nm

Orange 570 - 610nm

Red 600 - 660nm


ALS are also available in multipacks to create the perfect set for your investigators

Four Pack - comprising - Violet 395 - 425nm - Blue 420 - 470nm - Blue/Green 445 - 510nm - Green 480 - 560nm

Five Pack - comprising - White 400 - 700nm - UV 350 - 380nm - Violet 395 - 425nm - Blue 420 - 470nm - Blue/Green 445 - 510nm - Green 480 - 560nm

If these packs are not to your requirements just mix and match any of the wavelengths you need. 

Full safety precautions should be used when using ALS. Damage to eyes can be permanent. 

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