The Document Examination Bench (DEB) is a freestanding bench designed to provide operator protection from Ninhydrin and powders often used in the process of developing latent fingerprints.

  • Air is drawn downwards through a stainless steel perforated work surface using low noise centrifugal fans.
  • There is no need for expensive ducting to be installed due to the units recirculatory airflow.
  • The safety alarm will alert the operator if face velocity falls below 0.3 M/Sec.
  • The Acrylic construction also allows for easy cleaning.
  • Harmful fumes pass through the units filters, re-circulating clean air back into the laboratory.
  • Its ductless construction allows for the unit to be easily moved.
  • Carbon and HEPA filters are available to suit most laboratory applications.

Optional accessories include: Magnifying Lamp, Pre filters

Optional Electronic Pivoting Worktop: Available for comfortable operating position


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