Exercise Observation Skills as You Turn Your Students into Police Sketch Artists

This software contains a database of almost 2,200 facial features, allowing you to create endless combinations of faces of either sex and any race in just ten minutes. 

The features you select are automatically blended together, making the image look just like a photograph. In addition, facial markings such as scars, tattoos, and age progression allow you to fine tune the image. 

You can also show possible disguises by changing hair color or style, or by adding facial hair, eyeglasses, and hats. Renderings can be exported as JPEGS. 

The program also has a game feature with multiple difficulty levels that presents users with a picture and then asks them to re-create it from memory. The software is powerful enough to be used by law enforcement professionals and has received national recognition for excellence.

It can be run in English, French, or Spanish.

System Requirements
Mac: 68040, System 8.6 - 9.2, 64MB RAM, 600MB hard drive space 
Windows: Pentium processor, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, 64MB RAM, 600MB hard drive space
Please email us before ordering and we shall quote on the quantity you require.

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