Impression Material - 50ml Grey/Black

Impression Material - 50ml Grey/Black


ISOMARK allows the recovery of a wide range of marks and features for forensic evidence.  The compounds have been formulated specifically for forensic applications, including comparator microscopy.

ISOMARK compounds are especially efficient at separating marks from awkward backgrounds and exhibit high contrast characteristics during microscopic examination.

ISOMARK compounds are ideal for:

  • Recovering tool mark detail 
  • Casting vehicle chassis numbers 
  • Recovering deep fine marks including patent fingermarks
  • Use at scenes of crime and in laboratories
  • Easy to use system for scene of crime or laboratory 
  • No mess, time saving application method 
  • Quality, reliable result every time 
  • High resolution (0.1 micron) 
  • Fast curing compounds for all temperatures 
  • High tear strength material
  • Mark replicas can be taken from horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces 
  • Mark replicas exhibit high contrast characteristics 
  • Dimensional stability for long term storage

Sold in single tubes or a pack of five tubes

Due to the limited availability of ISOMARK Products we may substitute this item for one of similar standard.

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