Tamper Proof Evidence Bag, plastic, CJ Label


Tamper Proof Evidence Bags are sequentially numbered using a barcode and equipped with a security sealing system to prevent tampering.

These bags have become one of the most popular ways to seal evidence. Each bag is manufactured from clear extrude film for optimum visibility of the enclosed evidence.

Unlike other brands of tamper bags, we have added an integrated information area which is above the packing pouch, which allows you to write out crime information without damage to the evidence or worry of piercing the bag.

The Security Seal will read "void/fraud" if tampered with. If chemicals are used to attempt opening the seal will discolour.

Packs of 100 bags

  • Small 130 x 314 mm
  • Medium (A4) 225 x 310 mm
  • Large 310 x 480 mm
  • XLarge 570 x 800 mm (pack of 50)

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