Zephyr Fingerprint Brush

Zephyr Fingerprint Brush


The ZEPHYR fibre glass brush was developed for use in applying aluminium powder to look for latent fingerprints.

The 6 1/2" long brush consists of thousands of fiber bundles, each being composed of over a hundred individual treated-glass filaments. The diameter of the glass filaments is a fraction of the diameter of regular hair fibers used in other fingerprint brushes, resulting in a brush with unsurpassed working qualities. 

The outstanding characteristics of the ZEPHYR brush are its long life, capacity to pick up and retain large amounts of fingerprint powder, and the fact that the filament ends become softer with use. 

Ideal for use with our regular aluminium fingerprint powder.

Zephyr brush, a brush with fiberglass filaments used in a special technique: the shaft of the brush is rotated between thumb and fingers while dusting for prints.

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